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   Extract of Sucupira


Extracted in special conditions, the active beginning of the tree SUCUPIRA (Bowdichia Virgilióide), it is constituted, in an effective one NATURAL ANTI-RHEUMATIC . It was shown effective in the combat to the Arthritis, Artrose and Drop. In the cases of infectious and syphilitic reumatimos, its oral action was, for a long recommended time even so, due to new understanding, on the action transdérmica of the Extract of Sucupira, caution is recommended in its ingestion. Already in the afecções of the skin, as ulcerations, eczemas and allergies, the application should be avoided or only to apply after wash of the place, with water and soap. The great absorption of the skin, to the essential oils of SUCUPIRA, they allow its EXTERNAL application. It should be applied, of 3 to 4 times a day, in the articulations and cartilaginous parts.
Just 4 (four) daily applications, continued by one week, will be necessary for accentuated results, in the cases of arthritis in knees and articulations of the hand and anti-arm. In spine pains, in the inflammations provoked by " posture " problems and " evil-way of the column " caused  nas  movements of the day-to-day.

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