The first packings of the Extract of Sucupira (1987) - BRAZIL   Yuita - Pajé Tupi Guarani 

     The  EXTRATO  DE  SUCUPIRA, is extracted, under special conditions, of the seeds of the tree of the same name. In the Brazilian farmacopéia, this species is denominated " Bowdichia Virgilióides ". Its essential oils, they are constituted, in its largest part, of amino acids and acid nucleicos of small chain. Its anti-rheumatic action is due basically, to its anti-inflammatory power, ally the great absorption capacity for the skin and for the cartilaginous parts. Its anti-rheumatic property is acquaintance there are hundreds of years for the Brazilian Indians. In the last 2 years it comes being verified its therapeutic action, in several carriers of rheumatic afecções, with excellent results and it completes absence of collateral actions. The bee HONEY Jataí, contained in the extract, is good for  to minimize  the loss of oleosidade of the skin, eventually provoked by the alcohol contained in Its extract packing (spray), it facilitates the external application, on the articulations and cartilaginous parts, promoting immediate relief of the pains rheumatic located. Just 4 (four) daily applications, continued by one week, will be necessary for accentuated results, in the cases of arthritis in knees and articulations of the hand and anti-arm. In spine pains, in the inflammations provoked by " posture " problems and " evil-way of the column " caused  nas  movements of the day-to-day.

>>> Extract of SUCUPIRA << <

It guaranteed of one rest (*) calm!!!

(*) rest ->   normal and periodic Suspension of the conscience and of the relationship life, during which the organism separates the fadiga.

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